How to Choose Quality Tenants for Your Investment Property
By Global Administrator


Landlords are usually only concerned about two critical characteristics when describing an ideal tenant to us; having a quality tenant that will care for their investment property and ensuring the rental income is paid on time.

As experienced property managers, we know that how a tenant looks in person or their occupation is no guarantee of ongoing tenant success!

Overtime, as an investor, it is inevitable that a valued tenant of yours will decide to move on, whether to purchase their own home or relocate to a different area.

At MA Real Estate, we are often asked by inexperienced investors if it is better to lease their investment property to single or married ‘professionals’.

Our first answer is always the same.

We cannot, by law, discriminate against any ethnic or social group.

Our second answer is the most compelling.

As experienced property managers with over 150 years’ combined PM experience, we know that how a tenant looks or who they work for is no guarantee of ongoing tenant success. We are very selection when choosing tenants and have developed a stringent tenant-selection process that has helped us develop a process to identify tenants who we feel will;

1) Care for your property
2) Can afford the weekly rent
3) Meet stringent reference/background checking criteria

Over the years we have managed thousands of Investment properties and our track record of Property Management success is one of the reasons MA Real Estate has been in business for over 30 years.

Our Property Management team knows each suburb, its rental income history and housing trends intimately. It is this local knowledge that delivers the highest quality tenants, rental income, and capital growth for our property investment clients.

Call our office to arrange an obligation free discussion or appraisal for your property management requirements with one of our experienced, real estate leasing specialists.